CODE: 30640081
Rusk Designer Thermal Serum 125g

Product Details:

WHAT IS IT? A highly concentrated frizz eliminator containing argan oil for great conditioning and incredible shine.

WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone who desires a smoother look.

WHAT DOES IT DO? The unique combination of ingredients transforms dry, dull, damaged hair into smooth, silky hair with incredible shine and helps eliminate, frizz and dryness. Perfect primer for any thermal styling tool, protecting from heat stress caused by daily use of heat appliances.

HOW DO YOU USE IT? Ideal for use on wet or dry hair. To use before blow-drying, apply a small amount to hair and style as desired. As a finishing tool, apply a small amount to dry hair and distribute evenly for instant smooth shine.

Thermal Serum is a highly concentrated serum that smoothes and seals the hair’s cuticle, eliminating dryness and frizziness instantly. Ideal before or after blow-drying, it immediately creates silky, soft and healthy-looking hair. Perfect for color-treated hair or chemically treated hair

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