CODE: 30190005
Rusk Thermal SHINY STR8 Resistant/virgin

Product Details:

WHAT IS IT? A formaldehyde-free, safe, permanent straightener that infuses the hair with unsurpassed shine and eliminates frizz.

WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone who desires a shiny, straight texture that’s permanent. Recommended for all types of hair. Two convenient formulas make it easy to choose what’s appropriate for each client.

WHAT DOES IT DO? Formulated with keratin, it deeply conditions and strengthens the hair, imparting a perfectly straight, smooth and shiny texture.

Thermal Shiny Str8™ is a formaldehyde-free system that permanently straightens excessively curly and wavy hair. It infuses the hair with shine, eliminates frizz and deeply conditions and strengthens with keratin. Designed to be used with Rusk’s Professional Str8 Iron® Series with CTC Technology™, this hair straightening system prepares the hair for superior straightening results. Thermal Shiny Str8™ is safe to use on all hair types and is available in two convenient
formulas – one for normal/tinted hair and one for resistant/virgin hair.

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