CODE: 50300131
EOC Harmonizers .02 Soft Violet

Product Details:

.02 Soft Violet

4 revolutionary shades of pure and soft tones to be used after a bleaching service, to tone
and if needed, to lift up to 1 level and a half. At the same time the result on the quality of hair is
extraordinary with an incredible comfort on the scalp.
LIFTING POWER: up to 1 ½ levels
MIXING RATIO: 1:2 with:
Oxid’o 10 Vol to tone without lift.
Oxid’o 20 Vol to tone and at the same time uniform due to slight lightening.
HOW TO USE: on total or partial bleaching (full section) apply on dry hair. Where there is a mixture of highlights and natural hair it is advisable to apply the EoC3 Harmonizers blend on wet hair, to guarantee the integrity of the color level on natural hair.
PROCESSING TIME: 10-20 minutes according to the level of lift and tone you want to achieve.
Shampoo the hair and rinse thoroughly. With no color level, to guarantee shine without altering the result achieved. With lifting power, to contrast color bands and uneven colors.
With the right tone intensity, to neutralize undesired tones, without overloading the color

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