CODE: 50730001
ALFAPARF PIGMENTS Hydrating Shampoo 200ml

Product Details:

It's true, pigments can adapt to any situation, but to remain effective over time they need the right environment. For that reason we've included 3 Specific Shampoos and 3 Specific Masks. These products are formulated to streamline the action of pure pigments and make the mixture stable for an incredible performance of up to 12 months from the very first day, to the last. Three different ranges that meet the specific needs of every hair type

HYDRATING FOR SLIGHTLY DRY HAIR: A mixture of active ingredients creates a special film that wraps around the hair, thus retaining water already present and adding shine.

NUTRITIVE FOR DRY HAIR: With Vegetable Oils rich in fatty acids, and Vitamins A and E, that nourish the hair leaving it soft and revitalized

REPARATIVE FOR DAMAGED HAIR: With Silk Peptides that distribute effectively along the lengths to repair the most damaged areas of the hair fiber

PIGMENTS’ Hydrating Shampoo and
Mask color customized by your
• Maintain/Revitalize color; from color
service to color service
• Remove unwanted tones
• Enhance grey or naturally white hair

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