CODE: 50190012
Keratin Therapy Lisse Design EXPRESS Intro Kit 3 Step

Product Details:

Contents include:
1 x Deep Cleanse Shampoo 40ml
1 x Re-hydrating Mask 40 ml
1 x Smoothing Mousse Fluid 100ml

Mousse Maker for faster service time: 30% faster

Uses the reusable Mousse maker accessory to create a mousse texture from the Smoothing Liquid. More rapid application time using 1 inch partings versus 1/4 inch. Product is rinsed out before flat ironing, so no need for Detangling Cream on damaged or overly porous hair. Less steam emitted duting flat iron process. Finished after flat iron process, no need to rinse and refinish hair.

Smoothing Treatment Kit
Completely safe
Formaldeyde FREE
Made In Italy
New Texture
Faster Service

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