CODE: 10720009
Hi Lift Cureplex Shampoo 350ml

Product Details:

If you use Cureplex and love it, you will LOVE the NEW Cureplex Shampoo & Conditioner. These NEW products are completely sulphate & paraben free and come in a 350ML size!

These luxury products are created with an anti-aging Baobab Power Complex designed to hydrate, moisturize, and improve the hair condition to assist in smooth, strong shiny hair.

The NEW Cureplex shampoo & conditioner is designed for the client to purchase in salon and use at home, simultaneously with the sustainer maintenance bi-weekly.

Please note the conditioner is NOT a replacement of the bi-weekly (twice a week) sustainer which is important for Cureplex longevity. The shampoo can be used with both the sustainer & the conditioner.
For example:

Monday: Cureplex shampoo + sustainer (twice a week)

Tuesday: Cureplex shampoo + conditioner

Wednesday: Cureplex shampoo + Conditioner


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